Congratulations! You just bought your first crystals!  What’s next?  How do they work? How can you get the most from working with them?

There are many philosophies when it comes to crystal healing and energy work, but one thing I have come to know that is absolutely true, every time, is the importance of clearing your crystals when they first arrive, and then regularly as you use them.  I think of it as one of those basics like washing your hands before you eat and washing produce before using it.  Or, erasing a white board you want to use after someone else wrote on it. You just have no way of knowing where that crystal has been or what it has been used for before it got to you.  It’s safer and more efficient energy-wise, to cleanse your crystals when they arrive, before mixing them with your other crystals.

SDS is a gifted crystal healer with over 15 years experience.

In addition to stress reduction and overall revitalization, Harvard researcher, Herbert Benson, claims his research shows that breathing can even change the expression of genes. (more…)


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