About Us



It’s your body and your spirit.  If you’re seeking change, it can only come from you.  But we’re here to help.  We can provide you with the guidance to empower your own transformation.  At BodyPHD, our mission is to not only support your understanding of your own mental, physical and spiritual health, but also to expand that foundation by sharing information, practicing relevant techniques and providing guidance. Our goal is your holistic evolution, and we accomplish this by finding the correct path for you – to empower you through reliable fitness and wellness solutions that lead to a lifetime of optimal health based on personal choice. Bottom line:  it’s up to you, but you’re not alone.





Be Real

It is what it is. When we’re true to ourselves and express that truth in an authentic manner, only then we can make a difference. Going with the flow is not how we grow and evolve. Let’s be real. Be who you are and own it.


Be Open

We all have the capacity to be and do more than we know. Be open to an experience, even if it’s not your first choice, and the world will open up to you. Aim higher. Set no limits.


Show Up

Bring your whole self to each moment. When you act and speak with your entirety, you are truly powerful and contribute your best to the world.


Stay on Path

We are here to assist progress in each other. Always remember why we do what we do. We are here to instruct, guide and help each other evolve to our clearest understanding and expression of truth. Transformation is not always an easy path; and therefore, what we endeavor is to “hold space” for change in our clients. We respect and are fully committed to each and every client’s individual path; And, if necessary, we’re certainly not afraid to kick some butts!


Value Yourself

You are far more than what you do for work and your position in life. Embrace what you stand for and share your unique self with the world.


Create Strength   

Take action. Strength is built only when we commit to actions that support our desired intention. Consciously put yourself in places and situations that support your intention and fully participate even when it feels difficult or uncomfortable.


Evoke Change

Be the catalyst for change you seek to create in the world. Envision it, and believe that it can happen through you. If you’re looking for an effect, you have to be the cause. At the end of the day, if we don’t take action, change will never happen.





In today’s always-connected society, people have access to a wealth of information.  And the fitness and wellness field is no exception. Often, however, in the process of translating that information into action, we find that it’s incomplete, inconsistent or ineffective. Many approaches to fitness, health and healing often complement each other and fundamentally overlap. Our aim at BodyPHD is to cut through the clutter and deliver clear, credible information while offering supportive guidance throughout. Our goal is to empower each individual by providing continuity, consistency, credibility and clear communication geared towards our clients’ needs, that they can intuitively understand and apply towards their own path toward wellness.