CardioFree Weightloss™

Let’s face it: the treadmill is a huge deterrent for most of us.  What if we told you that you didn’t have to do any mindless cardio to lose weight?  For the last 10 years, we’ve been training clients to lose weight safely with non-impact exercise and without the boring cardio routine.  You will still get heart-heathy workouts and you will sweat.  We’ll get you moving – building core strength, long lean muscles and muscle endurance.  Implementing a weight loss food plan (calorie counting not necessary) plus United Movement workouts, the CardioFree Weightloss program teaches you how to move correctly and gives you a solid framework for losing weight.  If you don’t like repetitive cardio exercises or feel like you’re reinforcing bad movement patterns, ditch them!  Instead, upgrade to a cardio-free option that offers smart and creative workouts that are low in impact and high in weight loss results.

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Program Involves

  • 1 or more workout a week
  • Weekly Online Coaching
  • Nutrion Blueprint Coaching
  • Workout and progress tracking

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