Strong All Ways™

When it comes to fitness, not all strength is equal. Perhaps, you can curl a hundred pounds. But can you maintain your strength in a full range of mobility, while still staying connected?  With the Strong Body Plan, we’ll teach you how to move correctly while increasing physical strength. Appropriate for all levels, this program is great for building bone density and promoting overall health.  Similar to Athletic Weightlifting, the goal is to create total body strength in a wide range of mobility – but without the aggressive impact. Having a program advisor with a weightlifting or bodybuilding background ensures you’ll move correctly and safely while you’re squatting, pressing and lifting weights.  And more than that, you’ll build total body strength and awareness from the inside out.  Feeling strong, open and connected requires an entirely different regimen than becoming strong within a minimal range of motion.  Experience how deep and complete your strength can really get!

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Program Involves

  • United Movement® Personal Training
  • Group Fitness Classes
  • Weekly Group Check-In
  • Private Breathwork Sessions
  • Nutritional Guidance
  • Personal Coaching

Who's Involved