Total Body Unity™

When it comes to mind, body and spirit, sometimes we get a little out of balance.  Perhaps, you work out, you’re healthy, you eat right, but something still seems lacking.  Perhaps, you’re not connected.  The Total Body Unity program helps to get you more connected to yourself – to your body, your mind, your emotions.  Combining a strong element of spirituality with a specialized nutrition program that’s more clean (i.e. macrobiotic, vegetarian, etc.), and workouts that are more mindful (i.e. Pilates, Hatha yoga, etc.), this program pulls everything together and helps you find your balance.  If you need to be grounded, we’ll help to find your roots, and if you’re too grounded, you’ll learn to relax and let go.  We’ll help you figure out right where you’re at and create total body balance from there.

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Program Involves

  • Nutriton
  • 2 workouts a week
  • 2 relaxation sessions a week
  • 1 MetaBreath™ Semi-Private Session a month