Success Stories

  • I feel great!!
    Paulina - Actress
  • Trading Skepticism for Clarity and Ease

    “Well, admittedly I am a huge skeptic when it comes to most things different or ‘alternative’ but am always willing to try things out at least once. So, I went and tried it out. I can’t fully explain what I felt but it was like nothing I’ve ever experienced, the breathing was one of the craziest experiences I’ve ever had.  It brought up feelings and emotions without actually bringing thoughts into the picture. I’ve been amazingly relaxed since and feel as though some kind of weight has left me. My mind seems clear and at ease, no strange pressures or emotions that always seemed present. I can’t wait to see what further progress can be made.”

    Dave Moyer
  • Calm, Clear, Empowered

    “My session with Robert Lee was one of the best decisions I’ve made. At first I was a little nervous, but I’m so glad I did it. Even after the first session I felt calmer, clearer, and more empowered. Robert doesn’t give the answers, but he gives you the tools to learn how to find them for yourself. He’s incredibly good at what he does and it shows. I honestly felt like I learned more about myself after two hours of Evolved Breathing than I have in years. If you want to become the best version of yourself that you can be, then I definitely recommend working with Robert. You won’t regret it!”

    Brooke Anderson, Actor
  • Surprise!

    “I went into my session with Robert Lee keeping an open mind, but not truly sure what to expect. What I got was a pleasant surprise of incredible clarity and a wonderful feeling of inner peace. Robert’s technique is subtle and non-threatening, providing a comfortable environment. His dedication and genuine passion for the process is abundantly clear. I found myself recalling and releasing negative memories that I am sure had been emotional toxins and blocks. I left with an overwhelming sense of feeling lighter and having better energy. In the days to follow an incredible tranquility stayed with me. I will without question be back for more sessions!”

    Jon Watt, Actor, Writer, Fitness Professional
  • I Got My Power Back

    “Robert has been a colleague and friend of mine for over ten years and as long as I have known him, he has been on a quest to find physical, spiritual, and emotional balance. His knowledge of how the body works is impressive in its own right, but because of his curiosity he is always looking for a cutting edge and innovative way to help his clients find strength and peace. He showed up recently in my life when I randomly asked the universe to help me release the mass in my stomach that has been attributed to stress. After four and half years and eight doctors and alternative medicine specialists later, I finally surrendered and stopped trying to find the answer through tests and blood work.

    Robert presented ERT to me and invited me to take a leap of faith that what I am dealing with can in fact be released with a little guidance. The work we did was mind blowing in a very subtle way. He helped me realize if all of the doctors had said there is nothing wrong with me then I must have manifested this and if that is the case, I have the power to undo this. Through his technique, he helped me connect the dots to things I had already known and made me aware of things that were sitting right behind the nape of my neck that I couldn’t see. He is an amazing listener and really makes the experience a personal one.

    I always prided myself on being a survivor, strong and independent and was devastated that I let my stomach issue bring me down and defeat me. In one session with Robert, I realized my stomach was no longer in control and I got my power back. I know with a little more work and a little more breathing I will conquer this problem. There is a silver lining to my ailment and that is it has brought me on an amazing journey and one I will continue to be on even when my ‘issue’ is long gone.”

    Leslie Bourque, Fitness Trainer
  • Open Heart, Open Eyes and Expedited Healing

    “I really have to thank you for allowing me to experience your work. I am so glad I came to you and the work is amazing. Who knew that in one hour you can get years of abuse, pain, guilt, and fear opened up and moved around. What would probably take years of therapy instead took an open willing heart on my part and your guidance and encouragement. I am extremely grateful. This was an eye-opening experience. I do look forward to doing this again. Stay blessed and once again, thank you!”

    Claudia Klein, Singer
  • Results Speak for Themselves

    “Robert’s intuition and wisdom into the body reach far beyond what the ears can hear or the mind can comprehend. He possesses the keys that unlock passageways from the body to the spirit and from the spirit to the body. This is his gift that he uses with impeccable integrity and the clearest intention. With this, Robert facilitates transformation from the inside out. The effects of his work extend far beyond a single session and the results speak for themselves.”

    Rosalind Astin Solo, Psychologist
  • Brushing My Teeth Will Never Be the Same

    “Robert Lee has worked with me for the past seven years as a trainer using a variety of modalities. To call him a trainer is very superficial. He provides much more than just his understanding and mastery of everything from yoga to gyrotonics.

    For starters, he gave me virtually immediate relief from physical symptoms that I had been experiencing due to chronic stress. He helped me to understand my body and how it was reacting to stresses and how those reactions translated to improper everyday movements that were compounding the problem. He gave me tools that I could use in my every day tasks. Simple things such as brushing my teeth will never be the same again due to how he created an awareness of how I was ‘holding’ my arm and how to ‘feel’ my back.

    It didn’t matter what my symptoms were…he was always capable of listening, observing and understanding what I needed to do to improve. He approaches everything from a positive perspective. He has full confidence that anyone can improve, become strong, connected and ultimately feel the best they ever have.

    What’s different about Robert is that he won’t baby you or lead you on. You have to bring your willingness to the workouts. If you do that you will be rewarded with life-altering changes in your body and how you feel.

    He is filled with high energy, consistent dedication to learning and growing himself and he is loyal and true. If you are lucky enough to work with him please do not disappoint your potential. Stay with him because you will be amazed at what will happen to your energy level, your stamina and any ailments you may currently be experiencing.

    On top of all of this, he is a really great guy to be around. He’ll keep it fun and light despite the sweat and tears.

    Lucky you who gets to be on the mat with Robert cuing you! Enjoy it while you can before the whole world finds out about him.”

    Julie Bennett
  • A Life Make-Over

    “’Results’ do not encompass what I achieved in training with Robert Lee because my expectations were far exceeded…these benefits were not even on my radar in relationship to exercise. To name a few, I began waking up every day at the same time without an alarm for the first time in my life, I was happier than I had ever been, my cognitive skills were the sharpest they had ever been, and my energy and strength were at their peak. Also, my scoliosis was dramatically improved which was not just evident in how my body felt but also in the nearly 2” of height I gained in 2 ½ months! Our training sessions, during and after, felt like physical therapy from the tips of my toes to the top of my head that reached every layer of my body. His method feels more like a rehabilitation for movement. He focused on alignment, becoming strong, moving the correct way and opening up tissue. Becoming toned, lean, and cellulite-free ended up being just the incredible by-products of his unique training.

    His nutritional guidance was easy to understand and follow and I felt that Robert empowered me to take care of myself through healthy eating rather than feeling bullied or babied by someone who knew more than me in this area. He really helped me take initiative for myself rather than becoming dependant on him.

    I have never felt so great on every level and working with Robert has been a priceless journey of learning and growing. It wasn’t just exercise, it was practically a life make-over.

    My experience of Robert Lee is that he is not just a trainer. He is a very real, no B.S., whole-body healer as well. Every person can benefit from what he can teach!

    Valerie Blanchett
  • Balanced Body Proportions…Finally

    “Robert Lee has done things for my body that I never thought were possible. When I first came to him I was only slightly overweight, but I was very disproportionate. Since I was a kid, I have only mostly worked on my upper body. In fact, I over worked my upper body. My legs suffered and were skinny compared to my chest and shoulders. Another side effect of over working one muscle group is injury and as such I had multiple shoulder injuries and hip pain.

    Robert put me on the right track immediately. I have worked with other trainers before and all of them took the same ‘old school’ approach with me. My goal was to lose some weight, fix my injuries, and get my body into proportion. For some reason, maybe because I have a big upper body, most of the trainers would want me to work out the same way I had been doing for years. This was obviously not working for me and Robert knew exactly what needed to be done. He combined many different types of disciplines and new techniques that I had never experienced before. The workouts, combined with diet tips, supplements, and cardio helped me reach my goals in a very short time, approximately three months. Most of my pain had subsided and my body morphed into the body I had always wanted. People noticed and commented. Robert Lee has been an invaluable mentor on my way to great health.”

    Anthony Carro, Business Owner
  • Grandma Can Run Now!

    “Freedom is what comes to mind when I think about what Robert Lee Fitness has done for me. I’m a 49-year-old grandmother of two. My ankles are pronated which has been the cause of pain in various parts of my body for years. I didn’t realize the extent of its effect until I started using the methods that Robert recommended to improve my condition. The regimen was difficult and uncomfortable at first, but with time it became easier. The first signs of improvement I noticed were less foot and ankle pain, stronger legs, and then not feeling as weak and wobbly when walking. Next, I noticed my posture was better. Then, I was very surprised and excited to realize how much more stamina I had. Now I don’t have to take as many breaks as I used to while doing physical activities. Also, I don’t feel nearly as exhausted on my weekends off from my high-pressure job. Following Robert’s regimen daily helps me to recover much more quickly from mental stress as well as physical stress.

    Most recently, I was shocked to discover that I can run with my three and half year old grandson! My attempts to run in the past were hobbles and from that, came pain and of course fatigue. It wasn’t worth it to even try anymore and I found myself telling him, ‘Grandma doesn’t run anymore.’ Recently, I decided to give it another try. I ran, it felt totally normal and I had no pain! (My grandson can still run faster than me.)

    My motivation to do the exercises regularly comes from reminding myself what life was like before Robert Lee Fitness was a part of it. I don’t want to give up all of the great benefits that I’ve received from this program. I look forward to learning more and to continue living a much fuller life. Thank you Robert Lee!!!”

    Elaine Blanchett, Supply Chain Management Coordinator, Wife, Mom, and Grandma
  • An Approach Worthy of Praise

    “Robert Lee is an exceptional trainer. It’s easy to throw superlatives around, but Robert deserves the praise: his approach to fitness, to functional movement, to the intelligent synthesis of a myriad of techniques changed how I looked at working out and more fundamentally, changed how I moved. As a result of working with Robert, I have more energy, more physical confidence, and feel more connected to my body.  He’s truly a cut above the rest.”

    Greg Walker, Writer and Producer
  • A ‘Last Resort’ Gives Bob His Life Back

    “To describe in written form what RLF is all about would require the skills of research scientist and a poet combined into one person. I am neither of those people but I can attest to my actual experiences of working with Robert Lee and the major improvements in my health and quality of life as a result of our time together.

    To say that Robert Lee is a physical fitness instructor or a personal trainer is the equivalent of calling your brain surgeon a doctor. While he is in fact a doctor, it does not remotely address the true skills and talents in which the brain surgeon possesses. Similarly, Robert approaches the body not as a set of musculature acting alone and independent. He instead understands the complex balance in which every part of a person’s existence plays an influential role in determining the health and well being of that client’s body and soul.

    When I first went to see Robert, it was a last resort. I had been suffering severe long-term chronic pain due to a sprained neck. Years of chiropractic sessions, massage therapy, acupuncture, and conventional physical therapy were only helpful in keeping the status quo and eliminating short-term pain. I was accustomed to living with medium to moderate pain on daily basis and severe pain at least once a week. The extreme episodes of pain would require me to be bedridden for two days followed by two more days of soreness and aching that just seem to lead right in the next sever episode. Finally, family and friends convinced me that something else had to be done to supplement the traditional commercial therapies available because I was fast approaching a point of no return and permanent disability.

    Robert instilled in me the belief that virtually any damage can be repaired and restored with the proper commitment to the entire healing concept. It begins with the chemistry of what you eat and drink. In order to make significant changes to your body’s tissue- for the tissue to respond to the new changes applied to it though a variety of exercise, stretching, and principles of motion therapy, it must be given the proper care. This requires a serious applicant to eliminate caffeine, sugar, refined products, and focus your diet on fish, fresh greens, whole grains, and lots of water to help facilitate the body’s natural cleansing process and ensure it is properly lubricated for the work you are undertaking.

    The principle of healing and obtaining good health in the RLF platform is really the antithesis of ‘working out’. This is not just about strength training, pumping iron, or getting ripped. This is about your health and about longevity of a body in harmony. One of the core principles is the actual unraveling of the body’s tissues, which for the most of us has become so bundled up and intertwined that any form of stress or fatigue sets off a chain of reaction of pain and suffering in various forms. Then, to relieve the symptoms, we turn to activities or vices which albeit feel good at the time, ultimately cause more long-term damage. The unbundling process starts very slowly, beginning with breathing techniques designed to teach you to be connected to your body’s rhythms and the importance of breath during training sessions. Next, you are taken through some fundamental range of motion exercises, which appear quite simple at first but over time their value becomes increasingly obvious both as therapy and as a tool of measuring your advancing and improved movements. As you become more able to increase motion, naturally the pain and suffering experienced before begins to diminish in almost equal proportion to your new mobility.

    One of the biggest indicators of success for me occurred one day when I was backing my car out of the driveway. This is a common task that most people take for granted. You simply put the car in reverse, put your left hand on the wheel, your right on the passenger seat and look over your right shoulder to see out of the rear window behind you as you back out. For me, I could hardly reach my right arm straight out across to the other seat and certainly couldn’t turn my head to the right and look backwards. However, one morning without thinking about it, it suddenly happened. I had nearly full range of motion and looked straight back over my right shoulder out the rear window! I had to stop the car halfway down the driveway because it suddenly hit me that I had not been able to perform that simple task in years. In order for me to back the car out previously, I sat facing forward and simply looked in all the mirrors to navigate backwards.

    Many people may just want to get six pack abs or fit into a bikini again, but for me it was about getting my life back and to me, that is what RLF is all about. If you want to get your life back or feel the best you possibly can RLF will make it happen and it happens fast. You can feel significant improvements in as little as four sessions and you can have dramatic life altering changes in about twelve to fourteen sessions, or approximately six to eight weeks depending on your training schedule. If you dive right in and incorporate the diet as well, you will exponentially increase your success.

    I have not trained with Robert in over two years because he helped to achieve a level of health, flexibility, and mobility that I can sustain on my own with many of the simple exercises and programs he developed for my recovery program.”

    Robert Evans, Attorney at Law
  • A New Sense of Connectedness through ‘Conscious Exercise’

    “My private training experience with Robert Lee was truly impressive. I’ve been working out for many years and have had several personal trainers, but Robert’s approach is unique and effective. Combining a myriad of methods, Robert’s ‘conscious exercise’ technique focuses on isolating muscles through strengthening the core or center point of the body… At the end of my workouts, I feel taller, longer, stronger and physically spent. Beyond achieving physical results I desire, I also gain a new sense of strength and connectedness to myself that resonates well beyond that hour of training. I am in the Medical/Health Profession and I refer my patient to Robert, whether they are a professional athlete or just beginning an exercise regimen. The reason I do so is because Robert Lee’s methods produce more flexibility, strength and perhaps most importantly, a new sense of connectedness to your body.”

    Heather Fitzgerald, Registered Dietitian
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